GMJSS works to Address the Needs and Enrich the Lives of Jewish Seniors in the San Antonio areaGMJSS is a resource and support for programs and services that benefit Jewish seniors. Our services include:

GMJSS Icons-TransTRANSPORTATION: Transportation is available for all Jewish Seniors wishing to attend religious services or other community activities. To schedule transportation for yourself or someone you know please contact Lety at 210-616-4811.

GMJSS Icons-Programs_EventsPROGRAMS: Providing and coordinating religious, cultural and social activities to foster the connection between Jewish seniors and the broader Jewish community.


GMJSS Icons-KosherKOSHER MEALS: Providing kosher meals for Jewish seniors wherever they live. 


GMJSS Icons-PartnershipsPARTNERSHIPS & GRANTS: Working hand in hand with organizations, programs and initiatives that support the mission of GMJSS.

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Contact Us

@ the Acropolis


13409 NW Military Hwy, Suite 210
San Antonio, Texas 78231

Just 1/4 mile north of the campus on the west side of NW Military.

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